Frequently asked questions

Primehill Investment Services Ltd (FAQ collection): This web site aims to answer questions that are not direct to the company but were posted on private forums or web pages by anonymous since year 2000. For answers in this web site may not include with your query, welcome your email to:

This web site discussed topics as listed here below:

  • Lawful
    • Legitimacy as a Business Enterprise
    • Why is PRIMEHILL not further registered USA National Futures Association (NFA) or others?
    • Internet Domain Registration.
    • Who can business with PRIMEHILL?
  • Loss and Profit
    • My friend lost $10000 in FOREX, true?
    • How does FOREX DEALER handle the business with trading client?
    • What is this reported “Scam”?
  • Costs
    • Why is not Commission free?
  • Declaration
    • SEC ADVISORY Philippines 2011, true?
  • More questions
    • Why is web server of PRIMEHILL not residing in BVI?
  • Business how
    • The basic about FOREX business
    • Glossary

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